Pop-up Book - Face Mask Hero


Preschool-aged children have an immature immune system and often resist wearing uncomfortable physical protection.  Consequently, they are more vulnerable to infectious diseases compared to adults.

This pop-up book aims to simplify complex health problems for children to understand and teach them protect themselves from the pandemic in an engaging and simple way.


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Educational Book Design
Understanding The Pandemic and Children Behaviors

Research on Covid-19

COVID-19, a rapidly spreading infectious disease, poses similar risks for children and adults. Vaccination stands out as the most effective protection, while children under 12 are currently ineligible for vaccination due to safety concerns. CDC advises unvaccinated individuals to wear masks in public settings. Compared to adults, children lack adequate physical or medical safeguards against the virus, relying primarily on masks for protection. Yet, due to discomfort and limited breathability, kids often resist wearing masks, and parents are hesitant to enforce them.

2020 COVID-19 Infection Percentage From June to November

Children Immune System

The incidence of infections is high for children under seven years old than adults due to the differences between behaviors and the immature immune system. Children do not have fully developed immune systems until they are about seven years old. Children are more active and engaging in outdoor activities than adults.

Children Behavior

Children tend to use their five senses to learn the world around them as sensory experience helps them develop a better understanding of new things. Children constantly touch new things with their hands and then put their fingers into the mouth to taste them. Such behaviors increase their risk of respiratory infections

Summary & Ideation

After doing the data research and interview with parents and kids, I learned that the situation for keep children safe is severe due to two reasons. The first one is children from age 3 to 5 don't have the awareness of the pandemic situation and the importance of physical protection. And parents haven't found a way to educate them properly. The second is the face masks are too airtight and uncomfortable for young children.

Therefore, I decided to produce a pop-up storybook that may develop a basic understanding of the current situation for kids and design a child face mask that will alleviate the breathing and airtight problem.

Development Process

Pop-up Structure
All pop-up elements are color-printed with paperboard and made with double stick tape.


Reflecting on this project, it holds a special significance for me because it required a shift in perspective, urging me to immerse myself in the world of children. I focused on captivating storytelling, simplicity, and engaging experience when design the book, considering the target audience is preschool-age children. Through this experience, I acquired the skill of utilizing straightforward yet impactful elements to craft innovative educational content.